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The full version of focus is basically a self-taught course on focus, from a wide range of experts.

It contains:

1. All 27 chapters of the free ebook

Along with a crapload of extra material …

2. How-to videos

Going into more depth on focus-related topics:

  • How to Single-task
  • Beating the Fears of Disconnecting
  • How to Find Stillness & Disconnect
  • Focus & Health, Part 1: eating healthy and getting active
  • Focus & Health, Part 2: sleep and stress

3. Audio interviews with experts

  1. Author Seth Godin
  2. GTD creator David Allen
  3. productivity coach Dave Navarro

4. Bonus chapters from Leo

  1. creativity and practicing deep focus
  2. finding stillness and reflection
  3. how to start changes on a broader level

5. Bonus chapters from other writers

  1. overcome the fears that stop you from focusing, by Gail Brenner
  2. how to create a minimalist workspace to find focus, by Everett Bogue
  3. how to take a digital sabbatical, by Gwen Bell
  4. life lessons from tea rituals, by Jesse Jacobs
  5. two ways to focus on the stuff that matters, by Michael Bungay Stanier

6. Bonus PDF guides

  1. How to create new habits
  2. Quick-start decluttering guide
  3. Focused email guide

This full version comes at a fairly low price,

considering all that’s offered: $34.95.

Buy focus