focus : no affiliates

After giving some thought to this issue, I’ve decided to go without having affiliates for this book.

It’s been an internal debate, as I’ve had affiliates for my ebooks since 2007, and it’s a partnership that has worked out well: other bloggers are able to make money selling my ebooks, and I’m able to reach new audiences.

But I’m not doing affiliates for focus, because:

  • While I would love for people to review and recommend my book, I want it to come from the heart — because they think it’s a good book for others to read — not out of financial motivation. And while I think that’s mostly true of affiliates of ebooks, there’s always a mixing of the motivations.
  • Affiliate sales of ebooks reminds me too much of Internet marketers, who have a very profitable affiliate system but who often are perceived to have very little sincerity. I’d like to take a different route.
  • I’d prefer to grow slowly, based purely on word-of-mouth and recommendations of people who have read and loved my book. If that means slower sales, I’m happy with that.

This is not a criticism of others who sell books as affiliates — I’ve done it myself for a long time, though I’ve now stopped that practice. It’s not a criticism of others who allow their books to be sold through an affiliate system — as I said, I’ve done it for years. I’m simply trying a different path, and seeing how that turns out.

However, you’re free to review the book, give away the free version on your blog, or interview me (just email zenhabits at gmail, with “interview leo” in the subject line).